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The right partner

More than 80% of our business is derived from working with partners, so their importance to our business cannot be overestimated.  We work with partners from many different sectors and in each we work with an ethos of treating them as a genuine partner.

Whilst our loyal, repeating partners are evidence of our partnering, we have also been accredited for the Merlin standard: their inspectors look deeply into our business practices and staff and then interview our partners independently to make sure that these activities translate into real partnership in the field.

Partnership Opportunities

Commissioners, primes and delivery partners

We pride ourselves on service design, compassionate delivery, partnering ethos and contract performance, serving a wide range of cohorts.

In the UK public sector, these include major UK Government Departments, regional and local government bodies, more than 100 supply chain partners in private sector and “3rd sector” – charities, as well as universities, colleges and secondary schools.  Each of these categories – indeed, each organisation – needs its own distinctive partnership needs to be recognised and supported.


We actively work with over 1,500 employers across the countries we operate in, having over 4,000 in our network.

We have years of experience in placing job seekers into new roles. We can put forward candidates to employers with the right skills and who are best suited to their business. Many have trained with Twin and are looking for an internship, work experience or paid employment. As well as a free recruitment service, through the Skills Support for Workforce, a government-funded programme, we can help companies who are trying to grow their business and improve efficiency and profitability.

Through an Organisational Needs Analysis (ONA) or Training Needs analysis we can guide businesses on training and skills development for their workforce. This could be training in practical skills or soft skills such as leadership and motivation and can take place on site within their company or at a Twin Centre.

Educational tour operators

If student travel is your business, we can deliver. From accredited English tuition and Summer Camps to school-group tours and work/volunteering experiencing in the UK, Ireland, and Spain.

In our international business, we work with more than 500 Educational Tour Operators (ETOs), from over 80 countries, to match their needs precisely from literally thousands of potential experience permutations for their students and junior learners.

Schools, colleges and universities

We partner with schools, colleges and universities to offer a wide range of services. For universities, Twin offers a suite of internationalisation services, support and industry connections providing innovative and entrepreneurial institutions the full range of experience, recruitment and career enhancing support that students now demand. As one of the leading Turing providers in the UK, we are well placed to support partners with full or part management of their institutions’ Turing programme(s).